‘The Mountain Between Us’

I went to see a movie recently with my husband. We saw the advert on the television and we swore that we must watch it. The advert was so captivating and we thought that it was be an action-packed movie. The movie was titled, ‘The Mountain Between Us’. It was a brilliant movie with Kate Winslet and Idris Elba as the heroine and the hero in the movie. Of course, while in the cinema, my husband thought it was ‘bullshit and low budget movie’. ‘How can there be only two people and a dog in one place for almost an hour?’ He kept asking me in the cinema. I kept rolling my eyes. ‘Honey please stop talking.’ I whispered. ‘Pfttttt’ he scorned. ‘Bullshit. I cannot believe that I am after paying over thirty quids on this.’ He scorned in his Irish accent. I kept trying to listen to him moan and watch the movie at the same time. I did not know whether to laugh out loud or agree with him. To be fair on him, he was making a point. I expected a lot of action judging from the advert of the movie we have seen prior to coming to the cinema but then I saw beyond that. The movie features a tragic plane crash that left the two characters and a dog stranded in a snow-covered terrain and the rest of the story you will have to watch to find out. I say that because words cannot explain the details of the movie in this short article, besides, I don’t want to ruin it for my Irish readers because unlike Nigerians or Africans who talk and describe everything that happen in the movie before, during and after watching it, our Irish counterpart will prefer to watch the movie in complete silence eating their popcorn and drinking coke. Sometimes, I think, the popcorn and the coke is a conspiracy to keep our mouth busy so we won’t talk during the movie. Nevertheless, there is something unique about this movie and how it impacted on me which I intend to discuss with my readers today but before I start, I want to confess that I love action movies especially the American action movies. You may wonder why but it because I love the sound in the background, the suspense, the intensity and the perfection that the characters in these action movies. These are the adjective that qualifies my disposition to Action movies or Thrillers but this movie, ‘The Mountain Between Us’ is different. Of course, I could guess the end of the movie; I know the characters will survive, simply because it is not a horror movie where you are ninety percent sure that all the characters will die. However, this movie has a way of giving you the chills and casting moments of doubts that one of them will die. At different time, I almost thought the dog is dead but then it survived, then Kate and then Idris. My heart kept building scenario but every time, the movie writer was messing with my brain. The special thing about this movie and how it impacted on me is the ability of the writer to depict a plot which relates to our life’s journey. It shows how we (especially couples in a relationship) need each other in moments of need irrespective of our differences, our different approaches to dealing with situation, the inability to control certain situations and the power of positive risk taking or choices. Take for instance, Idris, the hero of the movie; he was a controlled personality, loyal, strong but non- risk taking and the heroine, Kate who is a hazardous personality that believe that it is better to take risk or die trying. Although, both characters did not believe that they will make it out of the snow-covered terrain, they chose to die trying. In-spite of the dangerous conditions or circumstances surrounding them, they supported each other through the tough times making hard decisions in a conflicting situation. The couple complimented each other in order to survive the tragic situation; giving and taking in their areas of strength and weakness which paid off in the end. Of course, it was not after a tested journey together that these two stranger realised that the mountain between them is not the physical mountain but a bigger mountain which is engraved in their self-inhibition and restraints as a result of their relationship. In my opinion, the movie script writer through the eyes of Idris and Kate narrated the best love and relationship story and made us see how working together is the key to survival. And oh, before any animal right activist say anything, I have not forgotten the role of the dog which cannot be underestimated. I remember at some point thinking that they will kill and eat the dog when they were starving but they appear not to even think of it. Fortunately, it was the dog which lead them to every progress in their journey. I often wondered, what if they killed and ate the dog just as they ate the cougar? And then, it dawns on me, sometimes, as individual, we eliminate those who are destined to bring us to a place where we will find self-actualisation and comfort simply because we are selfish and most times, we simply would not take risk or make silly choices in life or fails to realise the mountain between us. At the end of the day, making decision in life is risk and one might never know what effect or impact their choice will have on them or others.


  1. I wonder as i read if you are a movie reviwer blogger or relationship but anyway dear, i delight in the way u write and now i dont need to watch d movie but still chat about it.

    Congratulation on this new adventure.


  2. yh this one is captivating. Sometimes have to look into the rights and lefts of every decision to be taken so as not to take unnecessary risks


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