THE FATE OF A WAYWARD MAN (A message to all wayward husbands)

Picture credit: Pinterest

This message is for all wayward men or husband out there. You know yourself! You are going to end up alone, hungry and depressed. You might think you are having fun now, but wait until you ‘hit’ sixty years and we will see who will cry, ‘Had I known.’ This message is not intended to offend all genuine fathers, husband and men making genuine efforts. God will bless your struggle!

There are a lot of broken up marriages, each one has its’ story as to why it crashed. People can make their decision if things are no longer working for them. Marriage is not slavery, hence, don’t feel like you must die in it when things are awfully wrong, but I am more interested in marriages that crashed because the husband is wayward.

A wayward man is a man with erratic behaviour, he is resistance to guidance, he is selfish, and it is his own way or the highway! These are the types of men who will sweep you off your feet with indescribable charm. They are like angel hunters, they always focus on the naïve, honest and gentle women. They marry these gentle women for their good qualities; particularly, because these women are willing to provide for the family, forgive them and endure. As soon as they put a ring on her finger, they begin to misbehave, they will chase everything in skirt and forget to provide for their family. In fact, some will go to the point of abandoning their family and moving in with their mistresses.

Those wayward husband will follow wayward women and together, they will languish his youth, money and time. Then one day, while in the act, the wayward man will start breathing heavily, his masculine strength will begin to fail him and whack, like a flash, it will dawn on him, he is too old for this. Of course, his strength will fail him in other things as well, he will no longer be able to work with the same sharpness and his money will disappear like milk down the sink drain. Suddenly, he realises that he is no longer attractive and ‘swaggy’. His charm will fail him and women will elude him. Even his wayward girlfriends will no longer find him attractive because he does not have money to squander on them. Then he begins to get hungry as there is no woman to cook for him and give him company. He will become terrible broke that he will depend on anything for food. Somehow, the wayward husband will then remember their deserted wife and try to reach her but at that stage, she had moved on too. In fact, he would be shocked to notice that she is no longer naïve and forgiving. The deserted wife would have found strength in her weakness, she would have trained all her children and now enjoying her freedom. At the end of the day, the wayward husband will be lonely, dejected, hungry and depressed. He will no longer be the charming shine shine bo bo!

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