Who is who?

We must be aware that reputation and character are two different things because a person’s character might not necessarily be his or her reputation. I saw this idea on a Facebook page and did a reflection on it. Character is the person’s behaviour and reputation is the judgement of other people’s character based on individual opinions.

Most people’s reputation are clean but their character is horrendous and vice versa. There people who know how to play angel on the street better than a real angel. I am in the opinion that it is easy to get either a good or bad reputation. It seems like people talk about others and give them a label and maybe stereotype them based on association, dressing, nationality and religion. Take for instance, if you wear short dresses and Brazilian hair and look posh, Some people will say you are a call girl whereas that might not be the case. You can wear short dress and makeup and be religious more than ‘Mary Amaka’ in long gown without earrings. I noticed that people’s opinion about others is relative and sometimes malicious.

We live in a society where everything is about power and dynamics; it is not impossible that we can judge others mistakenly or deliberately try to destroy their reputation for our own gain. Have you ever wondered why some people get on well with some like Angels but become demons with others?

Have you also wondered why those who fall out with you always target at your reputation? Character is a fact but reputation is a make belief. Before you make up your mind about someone based on what others told you, open your mind first. That someone is highly recommended by others does not make them a good person and vice versa. Drop your opinion here cos I also want to learn from you!!!


  1. Hi, this is my first time commenting on your blog. You asked for opinions. I wanted to answer your question “Have you ever wondered why some people get on well with some like Angels, but become demons with others?” Yes, I’ve definitely wondered; however, I began to notice that typically the people they get along with are either people they need in their lives or “demons” themselves. 😉 I love what you are saying about “character.” A good character is something to cherish, but some people don’t value these attributes in a person. It’s so important that if we value inner beauty to hold on to our precious pearls. We will look up and see many people in our circle who have our character. It’s a journey that involves walking and looking away from gossips and slanders. They are petty and ultimately will bring you down if you truly have a good character. They are not walking in the same purpose as one who is pursuing a higher calling of love, compassion and integrity.


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