Stop disliking people cause of what others told you about them.



So, few Sundays ago was having a chat with a friend of mine.
I asked him why he hasn’t picked any of our beautiful blessed sisters in the church to settle down with.
Here is our brief discussion in a nutshell.

Him- Lauretta forgets these sisters they are all Jezebels in Esther’s clothing.

Me- what does that mean, have you dated all of them?

Him- See that Sister Lady D In Usher, that girl I heard na Abuja capital she dey go every three weeks oh. Politicians level. These sisters in the church are all fake my dear, he muttered.

Me obviously now interested.

Me- Chisos, how did you know, have you dated all the sisters in church?

Him- Aunty XYZ told me when I went to ask questions about her because I was really interested in her, love her dress sense and her smile. I wanted someone that might know her to tell me more about her before I ask her out. As I have seen them chatting before……….

At this point, I lost interest in the gist because I have been a victim of certain sisters or aunties in the church running me down. They do not know me but judging me based on what they think or read on my social media posts.

Precisely last year November 2016, a very cute brother in the church became my churchly friend and one day he showed me chats of what one Igbo Lady (My SISTER OH) in Church had said about me to him. Discouraging him not to be my friend or come close to me. For over a year, the sister will be claiming to him she’s my very good friend and I that confide in her. #JustImagine

Now, this sister I don’t know very well, aside from that we love to sit at the same place in the church for service, exchanged phone numbers, sent whats app messages four times (Yes, I went back to count) she follows me here and the point she’s Igbo, seen her in a couple of Igbo functions, we took pictures at the events, that’s all.

But if you read the things she said about me, trust me, if I greet you good morning, you won’t reply and run so far from my greetings.

Accordingly, I told him my story and told him to ignore these people in the church, and get to know people for himself.
He asked if I knew Lady D, I answered -“No, I don’t, and if I did, trust me I wouldn’t say any negative stuff about her to you”.

Hence, We agreed he will make contacts with the Lady.
This was seven weeks ago or so, he made contacts with the Lady four weeks ago, and heaven smiled on him, she likes him furthermore they’ve been chatting, also had two dinner dates already.

Then yesterday, he called me,
Him- Lauretta, guess what?

Me- All I need is 1000£ now if the guess isn’t it, Biko leave me.

Him- Do you know that so far, three things Aunty XYZ in the church told me about Lady D, are lies?
Do you know Aunty XYZ brother wanted to marry Lady D, Lady D didn’t like him, long story cut short, hence why Aunty XYZ is still bitter about it.
Do you know Lady D hadn’t been to Nigeria in four years, she only got her residence this year? Meanwhile, Aunty XYZ said she travels to Abuja every 3 weeks to service her clients.

Me- Nna gist me, hold on let me get seated well.

What’s the point of this long real-life story?

Often times we dislike people just because they’fallen out with someone we know.
We forget this truth – the fact A and B didn’t get on well, doesn’t mean B and C wouldn’t. We all have our unique ways of managing people.

We dislike people for lies/ false accusations peddled by people who hardly know them.

We dislike people for so many petty reasons.

I think it is imperative we do away with people who want to discourage us from having a business/ career/ personal relationship etc with some people solely based on what they heard, they feel or their experiences.
Remeber their experience is their own version of the story, you haven’t heard from the other person.

I remember some months ago, A company from Rivers state approached me via my inbox, they wanted to work with me in the UK on a project and wanted to also seek my opinion regarding a certain Lady on Facebook, they were considering to work with on their Abuja branch. I clearly told him- “I am not in the best position to tell you not to work with her or to, as my experience with her, would clearly influence my decision. it is your business decision, not mine, let’s stick to my part of the business”

Get to know people for yourself, then make your personal decision, you can do so by placing one leg first in, if the coast is clear then you can place the other, smiles.

Your blessings might be placed on that person you dislike because of what you were told. Don’t forget God uses Humans to bless us.

As well let’s do all we can to avoid being the instrument the devil would use to run others down via lies.

Lauretta Chineye Onoh is a business and Brand Analyst. Investment broker and Talk show host.

Photo credits to Google images and Facebook

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