prince-harry-meghan-markle-engagement-061093175443.jpgWritten by Maria Onyemelukwe

You may have heard; Prince Harry is marrying Megan next summer! Both love birds surprised us with their engagement announcement recently. For those people who are hearing it for the first time or who do not know who Prince Harry or Megan are, I will quickly give you a brief synopsis. Okay, let us start with Prince Harry.

Prince Harry of Wales, also known as Harry Charles Albert David, is the member of the British Royal Family. He is well educated, a captain in the British Military and only 33. By his birth into the royal family, he is ‘loaded’ and also fifth in line to the throne. He has not married before and he is in good health.

Now, who is Rachel Meghan Markle? She is an American Actress, 36 years old and not a royal. She is born to an African American mother and a white father. She is educated and a humanitarian. She is also a divorcee and evidently, older than Prince Harry.

Now, before you read further, I will like you to sit back and reflect on the huge profile difference between these two love birds. Supposing Prince Harry and Meghan haven’t announced their relationship and engagement to the world, tell me, how many of you reading this blog today would argue and bet your life savings on the no-no of such relationship taking place. Jokily let me say that I can cut some slack for the women, you know, women dream big, most of us must have dreamt of becoming a princess one day (including Meghan). So, I will not be surprised if my female readers acknowledge that nothing is impossible.

However, we live in a judgemental world and this guides our perceptions and decisions. Marriage is one of them. Most people marry for convenience, hence, most decision is based on what we will get out of this union. If you are married, you probably have experienced what I am talking about. As soon as you announce to your family or friends that you are getting married to so so and so, the first question that pops up is, ‘What does he do?’ ‘Where is working?’ ‘Is her family wealthy?’ ‘Does she have permanent residency?’ ‘What did you see in him?’ There would be a lot of questions based on the judgment and norms of the society. For the man, it is primarily whether he can provide for the family. His age might not be a big issue if he can provide for the woman. The case is different for the woman, the question that usually hit the cord is whether she can procreate, so you will be getting big questions such as, ‘How old is she?’ ‘Is she pregnant already?’ ‘Can she have children for you?’

Now back to Meghan vs Harry, Isn’t amazing when you sit back and reflect on the creativity and richness of their relationship. It is like the perfect movie plot except it is not a movie. It is about two worlds apart brought together by love. It is about Royalty vs Non- Royalty, Whiteness vs Black, Older woman vs a younger man, Divorcee vs never married, British vs American. For now, let me stop and focus on the message here.

The message:

The choice of Prince Harry to pick an older woman from a non-royal background, who is also a divorcee from another culture, sends the message to all single men out there. Guys, get it into your head, this man has everything in his beck and call; wealth, power, good appearance, and royalty but he picked Meghan (what most men, especially Nigerian men will consider a ‘second hand wife’, ‘my mama’ and ‘below my level’woman) and made her a Duchess. This is remarkable and should be a yard stick for all men out there to follow. He could have picked any English lady, younger, never married and even a royalty as his perfect wife but he chose Meghan, it says it all, there is no perfect wife except the in the woman in which your love is brought to perfection.

Ladies, there is no need for me to say anymore, you get the ‘jist’, never lose your confidence because you are over thirty or married before. If Meghan did it at 36 as a to-be- Duchess from a black family to a white Royal family, then you can do it. Do not allow the judgement our society heap on older women or divorced women to stop you from meeting your dream guy or settle for someone you don’t love. Be more Meghan-like.

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  1. After reading this article I took some time to digest this, and I came to a conclusion that this can only happen in western world in quote (western world) not in Africa, not in Nigeria, And more so in Eastern part (Igbo lands) it’s great prince Harry broke all odds and set a good Example maybe one day we will Emulate that here in Nigeria..


  2. Not bad, but I don’t agree that Prince Harry thought any man a lesson. Before him men ve been marrying women base on different criteria. The lesson there is is he saw value and something he likes about Megan. It is not about being a divorcee rather about the value she possess. Therefore, the lesson therein is what is the value of the woman u want to marry? If she is older and possess no value that a man might love and cherish then it doesn’t matter.

    The dream of being a king or princess is in everything human, what is important is not the decision Prince Harry made but the value Megan possess which he saw and cherished. I personally wouldn’t see anything wrong if Harry married an English woman as well as much as the persons possess the same value. qualities he sees in Megan. It is not the decision Harday per say rather what value Megan possess to attract his love. If therein lies any lesson, it is as good for the men as it is as good for the women equally.

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