Press for progress, many women are still marginalised and in difficult situation.

International Women Day 2018 Theme

#Press for Progress!!

So the theme for the International Women Day 2018 is to press for Progress. In what I might ask? Gender equality or parity? Of course the fight for gender equality had been raging since the 60s. Women have been fighting for equality all over the world but the progress towards achieving this can be compared to the speed of a millipede running a 100km race.

Many women are still marginalised and in difficult situation. A lot needs to be done in bridging gender inequality. Focus on fighting gender bias and beliefs is essential if further progress must be made.

The thing with the battle on gender parity is that it is eaisly misunderstood as a battle against men or perceived as a competition to become a man. However, that is not the case, the press for progress is mainly for women to be recognised, given equal access, opportunities and mainly for power to be redistributed in formal places and in the family. This press for progress is every one’s responsibility. It is a call to all women to reflect and identify their own gender bias, to become aware how their cultural upbringing could act as a a barrier to pressing for Progress within the private and public sector.

Reflecting on this theme and the fact that it is the responsibility of both gender to work towards gender parity; I am aware of the challenges confronting this progress but the particular one that upset me is when women become the oppressor oppressing other women.

Women must be aware of how we affect each other. There seem to be this subtle competitive behaviour between women which is detrimental to their inter-personal relationships and although we want to press for major progress for equality, an important step toward achieving this would be in the form of little things such as offering support to other women in dire moments. Ofcourse, women support other women but there are many instances where this is otherwise.

This little changes is what matters and like tiny ripples will enlarge into bigger ripples. Let us make it a responsibility to be there for each other, that for me, is pressing for progress and that is progress that matters.

Happy IWD 2018


  1. I enjoyed reading this girl!!
    I like the call to women to check our own gender bias’s. It made me check my self too. Sometimes we think certain women are stubborn because they choose to live their lives Free from boundaries set by people that want to keep them in bondage

    Thank you for your consistence and strength in speaking up for women all over

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  2. What a great written up,women have long gone been neglected of there right and freedom ,its really a call for all women all over the world to stand up to our rights,responsibilities, not minding the colour of our skin or the country we fine our self ,women need to be seriously educated in so many aspect of life.

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  3. Thanks Onyi and Blessing. I am happy that I got an important message across to all women. It is often assumed that women are marginalised by men. However, women are also marginalised by women too. I feel like I have to deal with bias and prejudice from women more than men.


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