Be careful who you vent to, a listening ear can also be a running mouth!

Growing up, I was told that the problem shared is a problem solved. However after almost four decades of living in this world, I know that it is not always true.

We all have challenges in our marriage, work and personal life. We meet people who cross our boundaries on daily life and sometimes, all we need is someone to vent to about people to feel better, supported or protected. This requires a lot of trust. However, the danger of trust is that it is like a glass. It breaks and oh it is gone. Most people can barely be trusted so be careful who you vent to.

Most people don’t care about you, they are only interested in your affairs. They only want to know what is wrong with you so they can entertain themselves and the likes of them. This is the reason why most individuals do not like to share their problems with others especially women who feel they will be judged on the success or failure of their marriage based on what they tell you about their spouse.

It is important to know that there are some people who are sneaky, they plot and create an unhealthy environment for other using their minion hence they are the cause of the problem. But then, when they see you in tears, they pretend to care But in reality they are only checking out to see how you are coping with their insidious webs of deceptions. Also, they are those who do not really care but are looking for a distraction. A distraction from their insecurities or from their own problem. Clearly, they are cowards looking to use your stories to channel their bitterness out. They will twist and turn the stories so be careful who you vent to.

Over the years, my trust towards others had depleted because of constant betrayal. Some how, I tend to trust the wrong people and no matter how I think they are loyal, they proved otherwise. It is a hurtful thing when you feel vulnerable and cried on a wrong shoulder and few hours later, you are getting unsolicited feedbacks from people on your situation. Sometimes a listening ear is all that is required. The listener is not required to do anything about the issue except in situations that requires interventions.

Be careful who you vent to except you are sure they truely care about you and you feel safe to share your vulnerable state.

The only occassion where you want to vent without careful deliberation is when you want to send a message out through someone because a running mouth is faster than the social media.

What is your take about this article?


  1. This article is so true! We have to live a balanced life knowing that both good and evil is in the world. Like you, I was raised to see the good, but was devastated when I learned about the bad. I’m still grateful that I’m a loving person who no matter what will not become what I loathe. I just had to learn to trust my instincts about people and walk away when something doesn’t feel right. People always give you a sign. Don’t ignore it. Take responsibility for your decisions, learn from your mistakes, don’t beat yourself up and move forward!


  2. Absolutely, my first challenge in life was dealing with insensitive and cunnimg people. I was brought up to love and respect everyone and it was a shock when I met people who treated me otherwise


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