Don’t just see me in my healed ‘state’ I was once broken!

I have neither reached my full potential nor achieved all my goals. I have so many dreams, most of them fulfilled; dreams I dreamt being in the most hopeless situations. I remember dreaming while heavy dark cloud blocked my vision yet I dreamt on because it made me feel good. I knew, some day, I will reach my desires. Those days, I prayed incessantly, making faith declarations. Setting standards and making painful sacrifices. I was super focused and it was possible because I believe God.

Deep down, I knew, that there is a higher being, all powerful and all doing. I knew, my prayers would be answered. How and where? I do not know but sure, I believed in the scripture that states, ‘Seek ye the kingdom of God and all others will be added to you!’ So I followed the scriptures, going where it points, what I did not know was that my destiny is embedded with the route I followed. Although, I forfeited all the pleasures of my freedom, social network, everything that made meaning to me, I am surprised how God renewed them all and gave me double of everything I gave up.

Today, people look at my in my healed state, they either do not know how much I gave up to be here or they forgot who I was, the sacrifices that I made. Others do know and remember, but they do not comprehend the intensity because even in those hopeless, difficult and uncertain days, I had mostly worn a smile on my face.

Someday, when I sit down and narrate in details my journey, its’ uniqueness, you will agree that the path less travelled mostly yield better results. Everybody have their own stories, each individual just as unique as the other. Some triumphant, other still in the making. What matters is not the state you find yourself, but how you relate to it. How do you interprete your situation?

Most people envy others who they think is better than them, what they do not know is that everyone is struggling in their own way. It is like a game, each level has its own challenges and the higher the level, the more the difficult challenges. Yes, I was worst off before, but through the help of God, kind people and my creativity, I got to where I am today. I haven’t reached all my goal and sure have my struggle getting there. However, one thing is for certain, I am not where I used to be. Each day, I envisage to move from where I am to another level even if it means to crawl. Giving up is not my forte.

Meanwhile, I realised that there are people looking up to be like me, to stand on the exact same spot as myself. Although am not in the place I want to be, I understand how people who were not in their full potential also reached out to help me. Hence, I am giving back to others believing that someday, when they tell their stories, wether they mention me or not, they will remember that someone reached out to them. This will help them think of supporting others, hence contributing in perpetuating the circle of love!

Ofcourse, there will be this challenge, whereby, no matter what you do to support others, they will remain ungrateful. Others will abuse your kind nature and seek to exploit you; you become a harvest ground for their emotional, social and financial need. These people must be avoided, if you must reach your full potential.

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