Are they Nigerian based Organ Smuggler or Ritualist?


Several years ago, I read a few stories online of Nigerian appealling to their embassy to intervene on some cases where citizens organs were stolen in the hospital and left with scars. Also, a story online about a Nigerian man hunt in Malaysia resulted to his death, the police took him to the hospital. When other Nigerians went to recover his body, they were scars too. His organs were also harvested. About the same period, I read about a white man who’s kidney was stolen in India and stitched up and left drowsy on an unknown place after he was drugged. It made me begin to think critically on Nigerian situation. Call me a conspiracy theorist on this but I believe, there is organ smuggling and illegal harvesting of victims organs going on in Nigeria.

Ritualism in Nigeria?

Recently, there is a hike in the amount of people caught with dismembered bodies of people mostly women and children who are the most vulnerable. I call those people caught the messenger boys. They are not let into the secret. They are deceived to believe that they are bringing people for rituals.

Ritualist this, ritualist that! They are killing people and using their body for money, using pant for rituals. I don tire! Is it not clear to Nigerians that all those messengers boys they catch stealing pants or kidnapping or holding the severed body parts are the lowest in the chain of people who are kidnapping, killing, harvesting people’s organs and then selling them to people high up. They then pay Kobo Kobo to their messenger boys to bury or get rid of the body etc. When these boys are caught, they tell the story of ritualist because that is what those who are up in the chain deceived them to believe. Even in some country like China, Malaysia etc, people sell their own organs and I think some of them culprit see how lucrative it is and then started kidnapping their fellow Nigerians, killing, harvesting and then leaving the dirty job of disposal to their errand boys.

The smugglers get paid and become rich over night. Do you know that in some countries, there are people who steal and harvest people organs by drugging them and then sew them up and leave them on the street. A white guy told the story in India how his kidney was stolen. They left him alive. He was lucky. In some hospital where these organs thieves are, you can go in with minor illness and end up without kidney when you wake up. The difference between them onyibo and us is that we spiritualised everything. Some teenagers were selling their organs to buy ipad etc in some countries.

The real ritualist in the past, bury people whole not only their head and hands etc. What of the liver, kidney, lung etc. Do you know organs, take for instance kidney can cost up to 250,000 dollars in black market? Google for yourself.

Organ black market business:

Yes call me a conspiracy theorists but one day, the truth will come out. Even the pants are sold to men who fantasize and smell them. One pant can go as high as 300euro. Have you seen Orange is the new black? That will give you ideas.

Here are list of people in the top chain of organ smugglers.

Please use some before calling out number
1. White corrupt medical personell
2. African corrupt medical personell
3. Abroad black organ market tycoon
4. Herbalist

Messenger boys that bring people to them.
1. Yahoo yahoo boys
2. Okada and taxi agents
3. Ordinary hungry boys and girls

Method of kidnapping:

Recently, when I go to Nigeria, I noticed okada men suddenly want to know your profile and are offering you solutions. If you are single, they offer you a way out. If any okada man tells him he knows where juju man can help you marry, tell him to drop you immediately and run for your life. I did that. If you have no child, they will offer you solutions. On the way you will never come back.

Have you not heard about people sprayed and drugged in taxis in Nigeria. Some escape, Others don’t. That is another method of kidnapping.

People who go to herbalist and prophets are easily conered too because alot of people go alone and in secret so when they are kidnapped, no one will have a clue where they are.

Women who pimp themselves to guys in flashy cars can be unlucky too. These guys might be in the chain too. They dump their body whole if the victim organs or blood is not compatible. The dismembered body is the one who are harvested.

May God expose this hidden conspiracy between evil people abroad against my people. May God reveal all those smugglers in 2019.

Happy New year! Be careful.

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